Christ Matters

Perfected with Love by Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer's book, Perfected with Love, should be in the hands of every church pastor to equip them in comforting and guiding transgenders and others who suffer from gender identity issues.

Walt says...

Transgenders need our compassion and support to provide them the way to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Churches all too often dismiss transgenders with scorn and a "get over it" mentality that is nether loving nor helpful. Not one among us can judge another even when we do not understand the "why" or the "how." We just know some struggles are "God-sized." We need to be the Lord's hands and heart as we witness the power of Jesus Christ entering into a broken life and redeeming that life to serve Him.

I do think trans folks need church support groups, groups that will deliver them "from" transsexualism, not keep them locked in to it.

Church is the place for healing from damaged lives.

Gender dysphoria is real and causes very powerful emotions. Church is the place to go and admit we need help, asking Jesus Christ to restore us so we can overcome the destructive feelings that have tormented us and damaged our lives.

So, is a true transgender Christian about tolerance or transformation? Are Christianity and the church just a building, a place of tolerance to openly act out? Most of us go to church to hear the truth and to learn from the teachings of scripture.

Fact is—tolerance itself is intolerant of truth and fact. The secular progressive movement is attempting to hijack Christianity and elevate tolerance and feelings to the position of deity in an all-out effort to render Jesus Christ irrelevant in a new world church.

An example of this is the Christian transgender activist movement which wants to redefine Christianity so that “gender variant” transgender persons are accepted with the full blessings of Christ, without the need for them to be transformed by Christ.

Do not misunderstand; Christ wants you, all of you.

He does not want you to stay the way you are, but instead to be transformed. No one needs tolerance, but everyone needs transformation. God wants transgenders and gender variant persons to follow Him and fall on their knees, and pray to Him to be restored as God designed them at birth. Truth is not tolerant.

The truth is, if you were born a man, you are a man; nothing changes that. It is a fact you can prove by objective DNA testing, testing that is unwavering and unchangeable as truth and fact.

When transgenders and gender variant persons act out of their feelings, they are not following God, only their powerful feelings. Feelings are always subject to change because feelings are just temporary emotions.

Compare the two types of Christianity:

Tolerance Christianity

—demands complete acceptance from everyone of all and any behaviors without requiring any self-discipline or desire and willingness to serve Christ. 

We must understand this trans-Christian agenda of tolerance fails to align with true Christianity.

True Christianity

—is exemplified by an overwhelming desire to set aside personal feelings and desires to become like Christ and to serve Him.

True Christians understand they are God’s servants and as God’s servants they respond with actions—love, respect, obedience and praise to our creator God.